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Sarah is a highly talented designer with a keen creative mind, superior design sensibilities, and 100% attitude-free. A great person to work with.

Jack Liang,
Principal, Spellingbee Communication

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and compliments for the fantastic job you did. It’s the best looking annual report yet. Good communications are essential for NGOs in this difficult climate, so your work will most certainly make a valuable contribution to our work.

Luke Disney,
Executive Director, North Star Alliance

Sarah, a pleasure to work with you, truly and completely! Your design sense and problem-solving grace is second to none.

Dick Snyder,
President, City Bites Media

Energetic and delightful to work with, Sarah's work is always precise, remarkable and thorough.

Kelvin Kwong,
Principal and Creative Director, Tenmay

Sarah has proven herself to be a true renaissance art director. Anyone who has worked with her knows that she is a consummate professional with undeniable talent and imagination; her skills have been the key to countless achievements over the years. But above all, it is her irrepressible, positive energy that makes Sarah a pleasure to work with.

Peter Grimaldi,
Creative Strategist, Facebook